Crash Rapids - Theater 1, Play 2, Act 1, Scene 19

The suspense builds further

Reynard: If only balloons could fly

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  • Kael Duranus

    Kael Duranus 3 months ago

    So... what was the back up plan in case of anti aircraft fire, boys?

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy 3 months ago

    You may have left the forest, but you're not out of the woods yet!

  • WB101

    WB101 3 months ago

    @Kael Duranus - Jumps into ze snow? Snow iz softs... yes?

    Alsos... in Soviets Russia... Fazher Winters often guides unwelcome guests to a great falls. *blink blink*

    Hey heys! No chewies ze fuzzy dice! Aawwwws... Nows zhey will bes covered ins ze nibble-marks and droolies. Icky!

  • unclefungus

    unclefungus 3 months ago

    This just gets better and BETTER! Don't it guys?

  • FurriaK

    FurriaK 2 months ago

    Considering, Arfs bombed during the national hop-dancing, i'd say, they were lucky, the Squeaks didn't let The_Multicuster_Matryoshkear_Bearhead(tm) out.

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