Tales and Tactics: Status Report

Feb 9, 2017

Hey everyone! If you haven't checked out Tales and Tactics, the Tales of Tails and Tactics, then please click on "Tales" in the menu on the top right!

Tales and Tactics is a comic project we've been trying to bring to life for quite a while and we've finally got it started! Here's the thing though, it's a very expensive project and as much as everyone seems to be enjoying it, we really need your help to keep it going! Consider supporting us on Patreon to keep the comic going! We're at roughly 31% of our first goal which is to be able to continue posting once a week. We're very greatful for all the support we are currently getting and look forward to continuing the comic forever!

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Tales and Tactics Finally Released!

Jan 18, 2017

Website issues!

Jan 15, 2017

T&TP:T&T:TT&T Revealed! Kinda...

Sep 7, 2016

Sorry about the Radio Silence!

Apr 17, 2016

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Tails and Tactics Is:

A new trading/collectable card game (CCG) featuring WWII-themed artwork and military game mechanics. Build up your army, fight against your enemies (or friends, we don’t judge), and become the best commander in all the land!

Start by building your deck, or army, and strategically deploying units onto the battlefield. Navigate your way through enemy traps and unfamiliar turf and vanquish their troops to invade their base. Win or lose, your army will evolve over time as you add and remove cards to adapt different strategies and face new opponents.

You may purchase starter decks from our store to get started and edit your army as you see fit. Whether you choose the American, German, Japanese, or Russian deck to fight for you, the goal is the same: to win the battle and bring fame and glory to your army! Now get in there, soldier!

Wanna help Tails and Tactics reach the second series? Purchase some of our products in our online store or in person at a convention! We’re working on gathering artists and all for your support!

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