Full Playing Deck: United States (WWII)

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The American Army is a well-oiled machine ready to take on anything. With plenty of equipment and several vehicles to choose from, they can easily handle anything thrown their way. With cards such as Bulk Launched Explosives, an explosive troop with plenty of firepower, and Off-Roaders, light vehicles that are quick to deploy and pack a punch, you'll be ready to deal with whatever the enemy throws your way. Pick up this deck if you want to be well-stocked and ready for action!

All Tails and Tactics Starter Decks come with 60 cards (that's 20 more than the minimum army size) to be easily customized to your playing style. Cards are printed in full color with illustrations by our Lead Artist Jan. The boxes' military theme is beautifully illustrated as loaded magazines, and boxes create an additional illustration on the side when stacked. Collect two of each to make the full side image!