Full Playing Deck: Japan (WWII)

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The Japanese Army has few boots on the ground but makes up for it with plenty of awesome traps. They have a trick up their sleeves for any occasion and are always prepared to foil their enemies' plans. This is also the only army to possess a Medium Tank, providing plenty of firepower without being as difficult to deploy as its heavier cousins. Japan's overwhelming ability to surprise (including such cards as Surprise!) makes it an incredibly fun and versatile force!

All Tails and Tactics Starter Decks come with 60 cards (that's 20 more than the minimum army size) to be easily customized to your playing style. Cards are printed in full color with illustrations by our Lead Artist Jan. The boxes' military theme is beautifully illustrated as loaded magazines, and boxes create an additional illustration on the side when stacked. Collect two of each to make the full side image!