Vague news and American deck news

Sep 3, 2012

So, we've got two sets of news! First off, the American deck is almost done! You'll notice we've added percentages on the website's sidebar thingy. At 97%, the American deck is almost done! Once it's done, we're likely gonna start working on finishing the other two decks before we start on the Japanese deck.

And now, it's time for vague news!

So, we're working on alternative printing methods that will allow us to print for less money. Originally we were hoping to print locally but the prices are significantly higher than we were hoping. Printing locally would require us to print at least a thousand decks to sell at $15 or $20 a deck, but we might be able to pay significantly less for the printing if we print elsewhere. We're looking into it to ensure the quality is still up to par (we will not print crappy cards, we refuse to!) and based on that information we'll evaluate our options. So... wish us luck!

- Reynard

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