T&TP:T&T:TT&T Revealed! Kinda...

Sep 7, 2016

Hey guys! I know I haven't posted much in a while but I promise, we're definitely still alive! Just a couple of things to post today, starting with the previously more secret project codenamed T&TP:T&T:TT&T!

Coming soon... Tails and Tactics Presents: Tales and Tactics: the Tales of Tails and Tactics! A project we have been working on for months to bring a more cohesive feel to the entire Tails and Tactics universe and for our fans to enjoy! Standby for more details and the release!

In other news, everyone has been telling us to get in gear for the release of Series 2 and with the crazy high cost of production and upkeep, it has been suggested we do another IndieGoGo campaign and we've decided to do it! I'm gonna start working on setting up the campaign and hopefully by the end of the year it'll be up and running! Series 2 is proving to have several more challenges than Series 1 but we will overcome them and release the new cards.

Stay tuned! Tales and Tactics is coming in less than a month and we want all of you to see it!



  • Firekeeper

    Firekeeper 6 years ago

    Will you be re-releasing the decks from series 1? I want to get the Russia deck myself but it's out of stock :(

  • Firekeeper

    Firekeeper 6 years ago

    Will you re-release series 1 also? I would love to buy a Russian deck but sadly they are all sold out :(

  • admin

    admin 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, printing cards is really expensive and we're focusing on Series 2. That said, we are indeed looking into a Series 1 Reprint as it has been requested a lot. I'll make a post as soon as we have anything.

  • Firekeeper

    Firekeeper 6 years ago

    Thank you for letting me know :). Sorry about the double post. My first post didn't show and so I typed it a second time only to find out when I hit "submit" that the first was there also.

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