Series 2 Previews 8 & 9

Oct 29, 2014

Hey guys! Been crazy busy here at Tails and Tactics and making previews on time hasn't been doable every time. However, we'll make it up to you!

Series 2 will be introducing a new kind of unit! This unit type comes with a difficult to use but strong strategy. That's right! You guessed it! Or you didn't... if you guessed it's planes, you guessed right! If not... you guessed wrong then I guess...

British Preview - PilotBritish Preview - AA PlaneThese are two of the units needed to use the first of the Air Force! The Pilot will be used to get special things like planes! The British Pilot will be found in the British Starter Deck in Series 2! The pilot can be used to deploy the Anti-Aircraft Plane, the only British Plane found in the Booster Packs! The deck will have a Bomber, an Anti-Tank and an Anti-Personnel Plane. This Plane will be most useful against the German Air Force which will be found in the Booster Packs!

Pilots will be very special units, which require your army to have more Team Leaders, so load up on them when building your army!

Planes all have a special focus. Despite being very difficult to deploy, they will be very strong units. They each excel against something specific! This one has great stats vs planes and can't be dodged by them! No easier way to get rid of those pesky German planes!

The Pilot is part of the Starter Decks and drawn by our Lead Artist Jan and the Anti-Aircraft Plane is drawn Dreamkeepers!


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  • Pod

    Pod 8 years ago

    Sweet! I can't wait to get my hands on the British deck.

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