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Feb 9, 2015

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since the last one, sadly life has been very crazy around here. To make it up to you, here's a ton of Previews for Series 2! These are gonna be split up so you can see what they're all like.
Series 2 Starter Deck Cards

We'll start this off with the cards from the upcoming decks!

First up are the new adorable Genets, the Italians!

Our very first card today is the Italian Preview - Generic SubmachinegunGeneric Submachinegun for the Italian deck!

A fairly normal card in the starter decks, the Generic Submachinegun is one of the best ways to get plenty of firepower down range! This unit even gives you an extra attack if you're losing! Perfect for getting a leg up when you're not doing so well.

The art in this card, as is T&T tradition for the starter decks, is drawn by our wonderful lead artist Jan! It features a tire swing, celebrating the fun everyone has in the T&T universe.




Italian Preview - MechanicThe next card in today's preview is the Mechanic! The Italian deck is going to be based around vehicles and the Mechanics are an integral part of that. As a unit, on its own, it is not very impressive unit.

Mechanics, however, have the amazing ability to repair units! Repairing a unit removes damage from (it if it is a vehicle or position) which can set back an opponent's efforts quite far. But be careful! As unit it's fairly vulnerable, so you have to defend it carefully.

As with the other Italian Deck cards, this beautiful art has been brought to you by Jan!

In another helpful effect, if the unit is damaged, it can repair more damage! That makes an opponent think twice before attacking as well!


Italian Preview - Window HoleThe last card in today's preview is the Window Hole card!

This is a special kind of empty equipment, if you will, as you can tell by the lack of stats. It is a very useful equipment though! The Window Hole allows you to equip a vehicle with the same equipment that you would a troop! Imagine being able to throw a grenade out the window from the safety of your own tank... sounds great huh?

The last of today's Italian drawings was also drawn by Jan!


Next up are the new suave Red Foxes: The British!

British Preview - Anti-Tank PlaneWe start the reveal of today's British deck cards with the Anti-Tank Plane!

Have you ever wanted to get rid of a tank and just wished you could just do so from above? Well now you can! With the British Starter Deck you'll have the ability to use aircraft! Among these aircraft is included the Anti-Tank Plane! Perfect for taking down those pesky armored thingies below.

Aircraft are somewhat complicated, you don't get such high stats for free! This one is weak against other planes so y'know... don't fight planes with it. As with any plane, it doesn't stop your opponents from attacking your base. Vehicles can't dodge them (unless they're planes) which makes this plane even better against vehicles than you'd think! However, if your airfield is destroyed, your plane won't have anywhere to refuel, so don't lose your airfield!

The lovely art here has been drawn by Jan!

British Preview - SMSARLThe name of the next card was a little too long... it's called the Shoulder-Mounted Spring-Assisted Rocket Launcher! And that name is about half the length of the original name!

Every team needs a way to get rid of vehicles, and the SMSARL is the way to go! All it takes is two soldiers and you're on your way to taking down that armor! But be warned, just standing around with a rocket launcher isn't very safe, so guard your troops carefully!

The art is, of course, by Jan!




British Preview - Constant VigilanceThe last of the Starter Deck cards today is Constant Vigilance! It will be the Rule Changer for the British Starter deck.

Constant Vigilance is a rule changer that will help you when you're not doing so well. It may be a small boost, but a +1 boost to all units' armor will be yours if your team is losing! Keep in mind the rules apply to everyone, so it will help your opponents if you're winning.

All these cards and more to come! Drawings by Jan, our Lead Artist, be sure to show him your love! He can be found at

Series 2 Booster Pack Cards

Coming up next are the cards for the Booster Packs! These will be randomized cards for all T&T factions, including the new British and Italians!

We'll kick things off with some of the new cards for the Americans!

American Preview - Basic TrainingIt's time for a new Rule Changer! The Basic Training card is helpful for wearing down your opponents.

When someone wants to deploy something big, it'll give you a chance to foil their plans before they can! Units will not be able to be discarded to deploy bigger units the same turn they were deployed themselves, making it harder to deploy the larger units.

Remember, this is a game of strategic deck building, a small unit deck can be just as devastating a large unit deck!

The art for this card was drawn by William Hudson! He can be found at


American Preview - Correct ChangeComing up next in the American Booster Pack cards is Correct Change!

If you ever find yourself trying to get past a tank stopper/toll booth in your shiny new tank, there's nothing quite like having Correct Change. Tank stoppers are a pain, they're easy to remove but they take time. If you wanna get rid of them quickly, this is the card for you! This is an excellent card to add to a deck for a rematch when your vehicles were rendered useless before.

The art for this card was drawn by Daskamutt Productions.



We continue with our new Booster Pack card display with the Russians!

The first card for these fluffy little guys is the Russian Preview - Faster Ridiculously Big RifleFaster Ridiculously Big Rifle!

This is basically an upgrade to the Ridiculously Big Rifle, an incredibly powerful rifle with the ability to take down vehicles. This one has more attacks than the regular one ('cause it's faster!) and can't be dodged by vehicles (it's a very fast bullet). If you're not doing too well in the battle, as can often be the case when your opponent has a strong vehicle, it gains more attacks and armor against vehicles.

The art here was drawn by Dark Clefita!




Russian Preview - Rocket TruckNext up for the Russians is the infamous Rocket Truck!

This iconic vehicle was basically a truck... with added rockets... and in this case, with even more rockets! It may take quite a few units to deploy, but being an explosive vehicle, it's quite the unit.

You'll notice this card has a high maximum per-deck, the Russians had tons of these! And we suggest having a lot too!

The art for the Rocket Truck was drawn by William Hudson as well!


The next faction in today's preview is the Germans!

The German Shepherds return today with the German Preview - Fairly Quiet RifleFairly Quiet Rifle!

Here we have a Sneaky Unit! These very special units can only be attacked if you control units who aren't sneaky, which makes them very useful to deploy once you have a nice strong unit to block attacks with.

Yet another upgrade to the No-Frills Rifle, it is a great way to turn a less-useful unit into a much better one. It's one of my personal favorites!

The art for this card was drawn by Mandy Seley! Go see her comic at



German Preview - Grenade Trap!The second German card for today is the Grenade Trap!!

This card has to be deployed before someone declares an attack! It deals 2 damage to the next unit that attacks your team, nice and simple!

This card also has an added effect! It lets you throw a grenade if you already have one deployed! Sometimes you just need a grenade in the middle of someone else's turn!

The art for this card was drawn by William Hudson!


The next faction in today's rotation is the Japanese! Sorry to only have one preview for you!

Japanese Preview - Many Auto-CannonsWhat's better than an Auto-Cannon? Why, Many Auto-Cannons of course!

One of the super-units in the game, this requires 3 Relatively Big Auto-Cannons to deploy but is well worth the effort. Boasting 8 attacks and plenty of attack power, plus additional attacks and attack power versus planes, this is the perfect unit to clear the skies.

The art for this card was drawn by Brian Christy



Next up are some super new cards! They're super new 'cause they're both new by the Faction and they're new for the Booster Packs too! Yay Italy!

Italian Preview - Additional MachinegunNext up is the Additional Machinegun!

Why settle for just one machinegun when you can have more? There's no reason at all! That's why! Or really... why not. A new line of cards, equipment for vehicles, this is a special equipment to make your vehicle just that much more dangerous!

Unlike sidearms, you can give a vehicle as many of these as you want. And! You can be sure you'll have a vehicle to put it on since the Italian Starter Deck will have tons! Also, many of them!

This totally historically accurate depiction of how to attach guns to vehicles (don't try this at home) was drawn by Mandy Seley.



Italian Preview - Ridiculously Big RifleAre your bullets not quite strong enough? Shot bounding right off the armor? Opponents laughing at you 'cause your rifle simply doesn't do anything to their vehicles? Sounds like you need a Ridiculously Big Rifle!

This rifle isn't just big, it's Ridiculously Big!.. Rifle... Yeah. It has the ability to poke through quite a lot of armor and gets extra attacks and armor against vehicles if your team isn't doing so well, perfect for taking down that pesky vehicle you're being haunted by.

The art for this card was drawn by Dark Clefita.




Italian Preview - PropagandaThis is a very special card that we modified heavily (and may still modify more) based on a suggestion by "kimthepancham" on our forum! It's called Propaganda!

Perhaps a concept we'll expand into all the cards in Series 3 (no promises, but we're thinking about it!), it was suggested that we make the Propaganda card's drawing the entire card! So we did!

The Italians fought with the Axis and Allies at different times and if you're doing the same, you can help them! This card costs 4 units (which we might make 3), and in team games you can share units to help each other out. If you discarded an American or a German unit, that faction gets an extra attack for each unit during their next turn!

The amazing art for this card was done by the amazing ABlueDeer!



Nothing says British quite like the British! And here they are!

The first British card in today's previews of the Booster Pack Cards is British Preview - Deployment CheatingDeployment Cheating!

Everyone likes to cheat! Or really, everyone who isn't winning... this is a great (though high-cost) way to cheat while still following the rules! With this Rule Changer, you can ignore the requirements for a unit! At least partially, if that unit is a soldier (Basic Soldier, Loader, Team Leader, Sniper, Special Forces) you can ignore it to deploy a larger unit!

This comes at a price though. For every unit you ignore, your base health and the unit you're deploying takes 1 damage. So you can get lots of half-baked units out there very quickly but it's also hard to stay alive long enough to keep doing it.

The art for this card was drawn by Jess and Axl.


The last card in today's card preview extravaganza is the British British Preview - Supply TruckSupply Truck!

If you've ever wanted to have more supplies but simply didn't have enough trucks to carry them, now you will! The Supply Truck allows your team to draw an extra card each turn, which makes it an invaluable resource. But watch it carefully! It has weak armor and only one attack, so it can't take care of itself too easily.

All these adorable fuzzy things have been brought to you by Dark Clefita.

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