Series 2 Preview 6

Oct 10, 2014

Sorry about the delay again! Had some technical issues with InDesign (silly Adobe!) but managed to resolve them. Truth be told, they sort of resolved themselves, no idea what was wrong,  hope it doesn't happen again.

British Preview - Sideways SubmachinegunThis is a new card for Series 2, but this time, it's for the Series 2 decks! Straight form our Lead Artist Jan, the Sideways Submachinegun is roping his way in straight into our hearts! Or something like that...

This card is much like the other Submachinegun cards in the other decks, but sideways like the Japanese one! There is no British Stabby Submachinegun, but there is something fun! You'll see it some other time! Stay posted!

Like certain other life-saver cards, this card gives you an additional attack if you're losing (your base health is lower than an opponent's) which not only helps you get back on top but has also proven to be a viable strategy to let yourself lose a little health (though be careful! It's a slippery slope).

The art for the this card is by Jan, who did the art for most of Series 1 (all of the first 4 decks). He's doing the art for the Series 2 decks (the British and Italian Decks). Hope you like it!


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