Series 2 Preview 4

Sep 14, 2014

The preview for this one's just a tiny bit rough (bear with us, they're previews after all) but here's another new card from another new artist!

German Preview - Assault RifleThe first of its kind, the Germans created this classification of rifle. It boasts plenty of firepower in the form of attack and attacks!

The weapon was easily used and can be yours for the low-low cost of just one loader!

The art for this card comes to us from the wonderful artists of the DreamKeepers Comic! Unlike most of our cards, the quote is from them as well! They showed us the preview and thought it was too much of a pun... they were right! But that's what we do here at Tails and Tactics, so we rolled with it! Hope you don't hate us too much for it.

The first word of each paragraph in this post is "the"! Weird huh?


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