Series 2 Preview 3

Sep 5, 2014

Hey guys! Really busy week, so we weren't able to get a preview from a new artist quite ready yet. But good news! We've still got a preview for you!

German Preview Corner Attachment

This is a very exciting card! The Corner Attachment for the Germans will introduce a new mechanic: Sneaky Cards!

The Corner Attachment is an added frill to an already pretty spectacular card: The German Assault Rifle. The Assault Rifle (to be revealed later) is a powerful fast card that's relatively easy to deploy, and this makes it way better!

Sneaky units can only be attacked if you don't control other regular units. Which means if you have a Tank and a Sneaky Unit on the field, the Sneaky unit basically hides behind the tank and can't be attacked until the tank is dealt with. There will be other sneaky units in Series 2 (at least 1 more) and we'll likely add more to future Series as well!

The art is done by Dark Clefita who has several more cards for us! You'll get to see them soon! Until then, enjoy the previews so far! See you next week!


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