Series 2... but how!?

Aug 23, 2013

British Team LeaderHey guys! This is a quick sneak peek at the upcoming Series 2! This is the Team Leader card for the British, a new faction to be added in Series 2 alongside the Italians!

As I'm sure you can tell, the card design is a bit different! We've been hearing feedback asking for the art to be a bigger part of the card. Well, we listened to your requests and made the art so big it doesn't even fit in the frame anymore! We also got rid of the little markers on the side of the art that were pretty much meaningless and hadn't been implemented yet anyway.

Well... what do you think? Let us know on our forum! We're always hoping to hear from you guys and we love feedback!

We're working on some technical issues on our end, but they should be fixed rather soon and then we can introduce everyone to the Italians! Are you as excited as we are? I sure hope so!

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