Selling at Anthrocon and Status Update

Jun 15, 2013

Hey everyone! Figured I'd let you all know where we are and where we will be very soon!

First off, we're all super excited to be selling at Anthrocon this year! Anthrocon is the largest Anthropomorphic Convention in the world and we've got a table in their awesome Dealer's Den! We will be situated at the F-21-G End Table (which should be the first table you see when you walk in) and we're super excited to see you all there!

Status update: We are currently in the printing process. We are working hard to get everyone their cards printed and signed by AC. We will be sending out the cards to each of the contributors from our IndieGoGo campaign as soon as we can and if you'll be attending Anthrocon, we suggest letting us know to pick up your cards from our table! If you haven't received an email from us regarding the shipping and customization of your perks, please email us at contact@tailsandtactics.comĀ  from the email address you contributed under.

What's more, we'll have for sale more than just the Series 1 decks! We'll have for sale the Basic Unit Field Manual and might even have some posters! Not going to AC? Don't worry, we'll send you your cards just as soon as we can. We're so excited about everything!

We're also currently working on a new website. It'll include a full how-to-play section and if we get it set up fast enough we'll even open for pre-orders! If we do, your purchases will ship along with the contributor's perks just before or after July 4th Weekend.





This totally isn't a sketch of a poster we would be selling at Anthrocon. Nope, that's totally not what it is.






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  • James Zero

    James Zero 9 years ago

    I bought three of the four decks and my friend bought the fourth. I can't wait to learn how to play!

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