RainFurrest! Also, Series 2, Series 1, and Shipping Delays again

Sep 6, 2015

Hey guys! We're gonna be sharing a table at RainFurrest with our lead artist Jan but apparently also with one of our guest artists, Tim Weeks! We're not gonna be selling the traditional way that we usually do as we're almost out of might be a bit strapped for space, but there will be a special item to look forward to!

Here's also an update for Series 2, we've got almost all the art already! We should have it all, but I think I'm missing a couple. We'll likely be releasing the decks first and then the randomized booster packs.

Also, we're almost out of Series 1! The most popular, the Russians, we've only got 4 decks left! We're fairly low on the Germans as well and we'll likely not print Series 1 again. So now's the time!

You may not know this, but the shipping is all handled by me, Reynard L, so there will be some shipping delays as my life changes a bit. I'll be moving out of Arizona to Colorado at the beginning of October and busy packing and preparing for RainFurrest. I'll ship out as quickly as I can but after the day before RF I will likely not have time 'til after the move.

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