New card and exciting news!

Oct 2, 2012

Hey guys! We've got a couple things for you, so read up!

New Card Revealed!

Below is the American Card "Inconveniently Placed Hole." This is a trap card (which means it has to be set before using it but can be used during other players' turns) that can be used to destroy a unit your opponent just painstakingly deployed or an event or turf card! That's the definition of versatility! Amazing! Look out for this card in the American Starter Deck in Series 1 and it might also appear in the Japanese deck! We'll have to see how it goes.

Exciting News!

Hey guys! We've been hard at work looking for new printers and we've realized the last guys were severely overcharging us! The new estimates have shown us we can print for a much lower price and therefore sell cheaper than we were expecting!

That's not all! We're gathering money for advertising and we're hoping to submit the project to IndieGoGo, which is very similar to KickStarter, by the end of the month! We'll see if we can get it done, but that's what we're hoping for! Wish us luck!

- Reynard

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