Looking for artists!

Mar 12, 2014

Hey guys! Sorry we've been so quiet, we've been really busy with both regular life stuff and T&T work.

We're working really hard on Series 2 and are looking for artists for it! The two starter decks will be drawn by Jan as is tradition for Tails and Tactics, but the cards for the booster packs will be drawn by various artists! If you have an idea of who you'd like to see, post it on our forum or email us at contact@tailsandtactics.com. Please include a link to the artist's profile somewhere we can see their art and keep in mind we're really picky with our artists!

And stay tuned for more cards from Series 2 which will be posted later this month! We want to get Series 2 printed, but we can't do it alone! Spread the word, buy some cards/posters/books and support Tails and Tactics!

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