Guest Artists and New Posters!

May 4, 2014

Hey everyone! Wanna see some art by two of our guest artists? Here are two upgrades to cards from Series 1 in the Japanese deck. These cards will be available in the Series 2 booster packs which we're working on releasing! Once we have the money to pay all the artists and print we'll put them on the website's store, look out for the announcement!

The Stabby Sideways SMG will be an upgrade to the Sideways SubMachineGun, just add knife! The art is by Mandy Seley of Curtailed and she'll be doing several other cards for Series 2's booster packs. Similarly, the Scopey Upside-Down MG is an upgrade to the Upside-Down Machinegun that adds enough accuracy for 3 direct attacks, which is awesome! The art for that card was drawn by Dark Clefita and she'll also be drawing more art for Series 2 as well!

Wanna see Series 2 become a reality? Purchase some stuff from our store! We've got an early Series 2 Surprise for you as well! We've got the posters for the new Series 2 factions in our store! Support the British and Italians by hanging their posters on your wall!

Stabby Sideways SMG resizeScopey Upside-Down MG resize

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