Gameplay overhaul and new artwork

Jul 18, 2012

Hey guys! Figured I'd let you know what we're working on right now.

So, I'm hard at work redoing the card layout to fit the new style that people were asking for. This new style will help players be able to stack cards easier but keep the important information of a card in view. In addition, the new design makes it easier to read the information my moving it to a better place. When we're done with the new designs you'll see the drawings change on the website and KickStarter page.

I will also be working on a pretty decent overhaul of the gameplay mechanics dealing with card combat. We're on the right track in a lot of way and are working on correcting the ways that we are not. It may take a couple weeks as I'll need to print new test cards and then test of course. This will lead to new cards! I believe this may be among the final versions of the card game before we call it finalized. Speaking of which! Here's a little information on the card game as it stands right now:

We're currently at test version 9. Test version 9 was a slight improvement over test version 8 and overall a large improvement over test version 7. The design changed lightly at test version 9 while it hasn't changed much before then since test version 3 (I think). Test version 1 was a giant disaster (our first test game lasted about 6 hours - we were pretty distracted but it still shouldn't have lasted that long). Test version 2 was a significant improvement from test version 1. These numbers confusing you too? It's been a wild ride. We're currently working on test version 10 which is promising to be great. Test version 9 is good, not great. When test version 10 is in testing I'll be sure to let you all know.

Art! As you saw, we're working on the German deck. Jan (our lead artist) has finished a batch of artwork for the German deck. I'll be showing you some of that in just a few days. That puts us above half done with the German deck's artwork! Once we're done with the German deck we'll start working on the Japanese deck!

We are searching for a few guest artists for Series 1. We'll announce them the second we can if any of them get on board!

That's all for now, cya next time!

- Reynard

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