Finished more playtesting

Jul 3, 2012

Hey guys! Thought I'd let you all know, we did some more play testing this weekend! It revealed a few minor issues with the American and Russian decks which are now being revised. It also showed a certain need for a card design change. I'm gonna run the design changes by a few people and see what needs to be done.

Technical info aside, this testing may lead to more cards in the starter decks! Not 100% sure yet, but I'm considering adding a few more cards.

If you're interested who won: Americans won the first match due to bad luck on the Russian side. The second match went to the Russians when they deployed a "Twice as Tank!" and the Americans couldn't defend against a heavy tank. Don't remember any other matches, but they led to ideas for new cards that may show up in Series 2 as well.

- Reynard

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