Finally Recovered from Anthrocon

Jul 15, 2013

Hey guys! We were crazy busy at Anthrocon and it took a while to finish going through all the stock and getting ready to ship out website orders. We've gone through and readied all the orders for everyone and will begin shipping them soon.

We'd like to give everyone who came visit us at our table in the dealer's den at Anthrocon a special thank you. It was great meeting you all and getting to talk to our players. We always welcome you to come to our tables when we're st conventions, we love you guys! Speaking of, we'll be attending Rocky Mountain Fur Con this August in Denver, Colorado! While we may not be at the table much (we're also staff at the convention) we'll drop by when we can to meet you guys and talk in person!

Still waiting on your perks from IndieGoGo? We apologize for how long it's been taking to get everything ready for you guys. We'll be shipping them out early next week at latest (assuming no more unexpected problems arise, which they shouldn't). We'll send you the tracking number for your perks as soon as we ship them out!

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  • Chakat Thriceborn

    Chakat Thriceborn 9 years ago

    Was excellent to see you at AC! Wish I had been able to get to some of the play events, but, perhaps next year. I do, however, look forward to expanding my collection so I can start customizing my decks some. So all too soon I am likely to be abusing your web store!

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