Bad news =(

Sep 16, 2015

Bad news guys! I was waiting on a package to be delivered with some special items to sell at RainFurrest but it seems like it was stolen from outside my apartment. I don't think we'll be selling at the con then, sorry guys!

Meanwhile, as far as shipping delays, I will be packing and preparing for the move and the con and shipping will cease until the first week of October. Any orders already placed have either already been shipped or will be by tomorrow! Also, we're sold out of Russian decks! Sorry guys! There are a few signed decks reserved for special stuff that might be released later, we'll see!


  • Dustin

    Dustin 7 years ago

    I heard from a friend that there's another shipment coming to replace your lost box, and that there's a *SLIGHT* chance that you'll be selling some "special Product" at RF.

  • KeatonDawner

    KeatonDawner 7 years ago

    Any news on the arrival of series 2? We're all waiting with baited breath and waiting wallets to toss money at you! Let us know, k? ^.^

  • admin

    admin 7 years ago

    Not yet! Life's been crazy busy so it's been hard to move ahead, but rest assured it is at the top of my priorities

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