Can we see a demonstration of the game?

Sure! If we’re selling at a convention we’ll likely be playing a few games at the table (if we’re not busy selling stuff, that is). We hope to have a demonstration video on the site in the near future but are very busy with other things right now. We’ll update this when we have a more definite estimate.

Will this be a collectible card game / will there be booster packs?

Yes! To both! Series 1 is only the four decks you see in our store section, but we are already working on Series 2 which will include two new factions (England and Italy) and will introduce booster packs. Each card has a rarity (the last number on the bottom-right) and it’ll come into play more when we release Series 2.

I have an awesome idea! / Do you take player input?

We’ve gathered information from players for Series 1 but we’ll be taking a lot more input from players for Series 2. This game will evolve depending on how the players want it to and we’re definitely happy to listen to your ideas. Join the discussions in the forum to let us know what you think!

What are your future plans for T&T?

We are hoping to release Series 2 by this time next year. Series 2 will introduce two new factions to the game, the British and the Italians, and will also include additional new cards in the form of booster packs. The boosters will be semi-randomized, meaning each pack will include a set number of rare, kinda-sorta-rare, and common cards. Series 2 might also introduce other styles of combat such as naval or aerial, but there’s a few hurdles to overcome there. Series 3 may move on to a different conflict. We’ll see where the future takes us!

Will this be available in my area?

We will sell anywhere our shipping partners will allow. Given that FedEx will ship just about anywhere, odds are, yes, we can ship to you. If for some reason your area is not available, please let us know and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do about it.

I contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign. Why aren’t I on the list?

If you’re not on the contributors list and you should be, send us an email! We’ll confirm the email address and get your name up there.

What conventions will you be attending?

We currently have plans to sell at Anthrocon as our main selling convention. We will also attend Rocky Mountain Fur Con (likely not selling but we’ll gladly meet fans!) and we sometimes sell at Further Confusion. If you’d like to see us at another con, let us know!