Strategy - Theater 1, Play 1, Act 3, Scene 1

It all starts with a well-made plan

Reynard: This look a lot like my airsoft plans...

Jan: "Family Circus" would be proud.

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  • Shockwave07

    Shockwave07 5 years ago

    B wanders through and around and over the mountains get into a fight while A just takes a quick stroll to collect things.

    Sounds fair.

  • Reynard L

    Reynard L 5 years ago

    B drew the short straw? x3

  • Sibeor

    Sibeor 5 years ago

    Ahh.. A well-made plan and beer. Just like ROTC all over again.

  • MviluUatusun

    MviluUatusun 5 years ago

    That looks like a great plan. The foxes would NEVER suspect the German Shepherds to take the direct route. LOL. I guess that 5:00 whistle means they are off for the night. They'll rough and ready first thing in the morning, despite all the beer they'll be drinking tonight. Right?

  • WB101

    WB101 5 years ago

    You take the high road, and I'll take the low road,
    and I'll be in Kharkov before ya...

    Whoops. Beer time! *portals away*

  • soriac

    soriac 5 years ago

    Should they take route A or route B? Answer: yes :-)

    and 5:00 (or 17:00, if you prefer), Feierabend!

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