New Plan - Theater 1, Play 2, Act 1, Scene 1

Second time's the charm!

Reynard: What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Antarian_knight

    Antarian_knight 5 months ago

    Oh boy... Here we go again.

    Though I must admit the strategy map is adorable.

    And that is A LOT of olive oil to bring on a mission. Though, olive oil does burn rather well when ignited, so...

  • William

    William 5 months ago

    They should have brought the explosive puffer fish. :)

  • Panther

    Panther 5 months ago

    @ Reynard :

    """What could possibly go wrong?""" ........ All can go wrong with such guys XD

  • Muddy

    Muddy 5 months ago

    It’s that damn California alternative fuel!

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