Souvenir - Theater 2, Play 1, Act 2, Scene 23

Nothing like bringing home some fun trinkets after a trip!

Reynard: Of course, these things likely are of no value...

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  • William Carney

    William Carney 4 weeks ago

    Puffer fish. The next bomb type. :) Still kept the flags.

  • AlyxVixen

    AlyxVixen 3 weeks ago

    I notice the vase of petunias... "Oh no, not again."

  • Shockwave07

    Shockwave07 3 weeks ago

    Just their way of saying good luck! They even threw the cat statue for them too!

  • Panther

    Panther 3 weeks ago

    Why the air-wheel on a propeller ? To help for speed or just because it's funny ? XD

  • Panther

    Panther 3 weeks ago

    This strip is filled with madness ; and soon , an head shock for the japanese general ^_^"

  • That guy

    That guy 3 weeks ago

    Nothing like a refreshing cone after a long hot flight.

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy 3 weeks ago

    Nice touch with the square watermellon - very Japanese! (Although I don't think they were invented until several decades after the war.)

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