Air Support - Theater 1, Act 1, Scene 7

Here comes the cavalry! Or... airborne division...

Jan: This is like when you go fishing for crabs, but come back with a sea cucumber.

Reynard: I have no experience with this x3


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  • Crazy-tactic96

    Crazy-tactic96 1 year ago

    Jajajja, now i know that russian's speechs in squeakish jejeje, nice way to get outta of a enemy base.

  • Omega

    Omega 1 year ago

    Why I'm picturing Andrea in this? They squeak as much as her.

    Side note, nice save and they picked up a stowaway.

  • Felis Manul

    Felis Manul 1 year ago

    So, Andrea: Arctic fox, squeaking, and can put hell of a fight when she get angry.
    The question is: Is she Russian?
    Guess we'll never know if the question will be answered one day

  • Relzyrx

    Relzyrx 1 year ago

    Squeaky squeaky Foxes?

  • Relzyrx

    Relzyrx 1 year ago

    Squeaky squeaky Foxes?

  • Mavraszun

    Mavraszun 1 year ago

    Now thats what i call a pick up

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