Blowfishing - Theater 2, Play 1, Act 2, Scene 6

This is exactly what happens when you cook blowfish

Reynard: I'm not certified for blowfish... yet...

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  • Antarian_knight

    Antarian_knight 1 year ago

    If I was Private number 1, I would say that I was deliberatly sabotaging enemy economic infrastructure. Might even get a medal that way...

  • jprime

    jprime 1 year ago


  • Shockwave07

    Shockwave07 1 year ago

    And thus the Americans learned of a new explosive...

  • Spector

    Spector 1 year ago

    Aaaawwwww....I wanted a fart sound.

  • Raptorzs

    Raptorzs 1 year ago

    Ooopps. Private I need to see you in my office.

  • Ephesus

    Ephesus 1 year ago

    Aw man, that blows. (I know jprime already made the joke but I won't let that get in my way)

    Welp, RIP chance for a *smoking hot* source of revenue. ;)

  • Luke

    Luke 1 year ago

    I wonder if he was signed off in tba.

  • WB101

    WB101 1 year ago

    Ya-know... It's times like this where I wish I could read Japanese.

    (However, if the mission was to sink a 'spy trawler'... mission accomplished!)

  • Panther

    Panther 1 year ago

    WOW , even the ship blows in japanese ^_^"

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