Bullseye - Theater 1, Act 1, Scene 5

Perfect accuracy

Page 5: Theater 1, Act 1, Scene 5


Reynard: No better way to settle an argument than with board games!

Jan: If only the real world worked this way X3


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  • Spazzmatt

    Spazzmatt 11 months ago

    Why the grenade?

  • Hello

    Hello 11 months ago

    See! Beer! I told you! Pfft, explosives, yeah right. But yeah, I guess the grenade adds an extra precaution?

  • Max Goof

    Max Goof 11 months ago

    One would think the top of a tank would not be level enough for this.

  • Jon_Wolf

    Jon_Wolf 11 months ago

    i'll never think of jenga the same way ever again and that poor fox i thought he was catapulted all the way back to russia LMAO

  • Synariel

    Synariel 11 months ago

    Agh! Don't shake the beer! It makes foam!

  • Edge

    Edge 11 months ago

    German armoured car: 50% beer, 10% ammunition, 1% grenades (stolen from the US apparently. If I know my history the germans didn't use that kind of grenade.), and the 39% that's left is armour and space for people to get out past all the beer.

  • Captwolfstorm

    Captwolfstorm 11 months ago

    guess they have no weapons?

  • Shockwave07

    Shockwave07 11 months ago

    Hit the top of the truck hard...

    It's between that and the beer maybe that's why things aren't making sense.

  • Glenn

    Glenn 11 months ago

    Edge, you're quite correct. The Germans used what was commonly called potato masher hand grenades. It was a cylinder with a relatively long handle. At the end of the handle was a switch(?) that armed the hand grenade.

  • Omega

    Omega 11 months ago

    Would think USA sent them few things since during this time they were allies or not. Just a thought.

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