Trip - Theater 1, Play 1, Act 3, Scene 19

This is what happens when a convoy gets hit by a train*

*Results may vary

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Jan: Luckily, they got thrown into meal car. There are worse cars to be thrown into.

Reynard: If anything, it's the car I'd be aiming for!

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  • Anubis

    Anubis 5 years ago

    Hey, I look good! :)

  • Spector

    Spector 5 years ago

    And they all get promptly thrown off for not having a ticket.

  • AlyxVixen

    AlyxVixen 5 years ago

    Step Vun: Grab the food!
    Step Two: Grab more Food!
    Step Three: Hide in baggage car so conductor won't find us.

  • Panther

    Panther 5 years ago

    It misses some of the german shepherds . They were four in the tank : with pointy helmets , and four too in the armored vehicle : with "normal" helmets

    The others are still with the russian squeakers ? Will be a "bad" moment for them : being four against ten or twelve ^_^"

  • LionkingCMSL

    LionkingCMSL 5 years ago

    Funny thing is I used to sit in the Cafe car, at a table, when I commuted back and forth to NYC while working for Amtrak, so I'm right at home in this strip. :=3

    Thanks Reynard and Jan. :=3

  • Panther

    Panther 5 years ago

    This train wouldn't be the "Orient-express" ?

  • WB101

    WB101 5 years ago

    Ooh. OOH! I know! It was Sergeant Schultz... in the dining car... with the pointy helmet! Did I win?
    (Sergeant Schultz: I did nothing! Nothing!)

    Also... Tickets please?
    And... I think they were railroaded. O_o

  • Panther

    Panther 5 years ago

    By the way , what is this green "thing" behind jason Saylor's head ?

  • Silverwolf

    Silverwolf 4 years ago

    "That's odd, shouldn't it have been a tiger and an arctic fox crashing in here?"

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