Switcheroo - Theater 1, Play 1, Act 3, Scene 15

MRW when my life is upside-down but at least there's a big red button to push.

Jan: Definition of Monday.

Reynard: Do you know anyone who wouldn't immediately push it? (I know I would)

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  • AlyxVixen

    AlyxVixen 3 years ago


  • Ray Kroulik

    Ray Kroulik 3 years ago

    Thus is born the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces......although a bit short ranged at this point.

  • Spector

    Spector 3 years ago

    "OOooohhhh Big red button......"

  • Thisguy

    Thisguy 3 years ago

    We all saw that coming.

  • Karou

    Karou 3 years ago

    @Spector .. it's usually "Shiny Button .. Must Push Shiny Button!"
    @ Ray .. Thus are born more Flying Wallendas .. >.>
    @Alyx .. In Communist Russia, Missiles Fire You!

  • WB101

    WB101 3 years ago

    Oops. Time to call the recovery vehicles.
    Oohhh... What does this button do? *activates self-destruct* O_O
    And thus, Mother Russia gains a lead to what will become the great Sputnik program.
    Wait... Is that the Orient Express I hear?

  • QueenOrial

    QueenOrial 3 years ago

    So it's a MLFS truck! Multiple Launch Fox System.

  • Ephesus

    Ephesus 3 years ago

    It'll be fine, they're wearing helmets. :)

    Also I love how one of the foxes in panel 2 looks like he's dancing.

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