Solutions - Theater 1, Play 1, Act 3, Scene 12

Whoops. What now?

Jan: Who needs third-party auto insurance when you can have a barbecue?

Reynard: It sounds like a more delicious solution to vehicle accidents... well... not solution, but, close enough

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  • Adolph Schäfer

    Adolph Schäfer 5 years ago

    I agree

  • Adolph Schäfer

    Adolph Schäfer 5 years ago

    I agree

  • Antarian_knight

    Antarian_knight 5 years ago

    That is quite possibly the most Zen reaction to misfortune I have ever seen. "Whoops... There goes the tank. Oh well, lets have a picnic."

  • Ephesus

    Ephesus 5 years ago

    Food solves everything, even lost/exploded tanks. Just, not very directly.
    Besides, it's really cold and all that road rage must've exhausted those poor doggos.

  • QueenOrial

    QueenOrial 5 years ago

    Last panel: Hans,get ze flammenwerfer! Sausages's still raw!

  • Shockwave07

    Shockwave07 5 years ago

    Bratwurst and beer... If you can't decide what else to do that will work!

  • Sporkula

    Sporkula 5 years ago

    hrmm, would i like it cooked or. . . food for the gods?

  • WB101

    WB101 5 years ago

    Panel 2 - Dog1: Where’s the big fiery Hollywoodish explosion?
    Panel 2 - Dog3: Must be budget constraints.
    Panel 2 - Dog4: Good thing we unloaded the supplies...

    (P.S. Panel 3. Careful Hans. Fur is flammable.)

  • BondoFox

    BondoFox 4 years ago

    Wow, lot of meat on those pigeons!

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