Grenade - Theater 1, Play 1, Act 3, Scene 10

Matryoshka grenade!

This comic features: Antarian_Knight, Jayson Saylor, and Henry K9.

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Jan: Improvised weapons are underrated.

Reynard: These sound like an awesome idea.

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  • Mavraszun

    Mavraszun 3 years ago

    If there is that kind of grenade. I want to find it and use it on anyone and anything that threatens my home. By killing them with addiction. :3

  • Sibeor

    Sibeor 3 years ago

    Матрёшка, самое зловещее из русского оружия!

  • Adolph

    Adolph 3 years ago

    Im german and i regret invading the Russian motherland, so i apologize for mein beloved vaterland, but not for Adolf Hitler, aaaaaaaand.....GOTT SEGNEN DEUTSCHLAND !!! :3

  • Spector

    Spector 3 years ago

    Babushka grenade....that should be in your card game.

  • WB101

    WB101 3 years ago

    *throws cactus* O_O

    Prochnost' cherez chisla! (...or something like that.)

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