Created in October 2011, Tails and Tactics had been in development for almost two years before being released in July 2013. Creator Pedro “Reynard” Loustaunau first started with a very serious game concept and quickly found it to be lame. After realizing it needed a sillier tone, he quickly went from “a little bit lighthearted” to “quite a bit silly” as he realized Jan’s art would be perfect for his new vision of the game. Having found his ad in the programming schedule for Anthrocon 2011, Reynard contacted Jan with his crazy idea for him to become Lead Artist for the project. The ad pointed to Swords and Sausages (now Reynard’s favorite webcomic), which showcased Jan’s vibrant imagination and his talents as an artist.

Jan quickly became the Lead Artist for Tails and Tactics and development continued for almost two years before finally releasing at Anthrocon 2013. Thanks to the pledges of many wonderful people (listed here) on IndieGoGo, Series 1 of Tails and Tactics became a reality.

About the Creators

Reynard Loustaunau

Pedro “Reynard” Loustaunau lives in Tucson, AZ along with most of the Tails and Tactics team. T&T is his sole duty in life and he must care for it like…ummm…like something people care a lot about. He currently handles gameplay and business-end development.

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Jan joined the T&T team as the Lead Artist for Series 1. He is responsible for almost all the art used in the game and other Tails and Tactics merchandise. Jan currently resides in Hong Kong where he makes a living as a professional artist. He is also responsible for where he has several awesome webcomics.