Welcome to the exciting world of Tails and Tactics! Tails and Tactics is a game all about building your army and military strategy. Before playing, each player builds their deck, or army, into the best force they can. Be it through tricking your enemy via clever use of traps, overwhelming them with a flood of troops, or crushing the battlefield with giant tanks, your deck will quickly become unique in its strategy and implementation. Get started by picking up a deck or two in our store, or dive into the specifics of how the game works using our official rules.

Coming Up

By this time next year we hope to have released booster packs with at least as many new cards as Series 1 currently has, giving you the chance to build new strategies and, of course, be sillier in the process. We also hope to introduce two new armies, the British and the Italians, to the playing field. We will likely make a Series 2 Field Manual (perhaps focusing on a specific aspect of a Unit's work such as small arms or vehicles) and more posters.