Series 2 Preview 1

August 22nd, 2014

We’ve got the first preview of Series 2 for you!

American Preview - Explodey Rifle

This card’s called the Explodey Rifle. Much like the
Scopey Rifle and the Stabby Rifle they’re upgrades to the
No-Frills Rifle (like a frilly rifle). The stats make it more
effective against vehicles and positions than against troops.

It has the added effect of being an explosive unit, meaning
it can’t be dodged. This is particularly helpful fighting those
special units your opponent just can’t do without.

The art is done by Dark Clefita who also did the art to the
Japanese Scopey Upside-Down Machinegun, an upgrade to
the traditional Upside-Down Machinegun found in Series 1.


Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Series 2! Next time we’ll have another new artist to Tails and Tactics!


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A new trading/collectable card game (CCG) featuring WWII-themed artwork and military game mechanics. Build up your army, fight against your enemies (or friends, we don’t judge), and become the best commander in all the land!

Start by building your deck, or army, and strategically deploying units onto the battlefield. Navigate your way through enemy traps and unfamiliar turf and vanquish their troops to invade their base. Win or lose, your army will evolve over time as you add and remove cards to adapt different strategies and face new opponents.

You may purchase starter decks from our store to get started and edit your army as you see fit. Whether you choose the American, German, Japanese, or Russian deck to fight for you, the goal is the same: to win the battle and bring fame and glory to your army! Now get in there, soldier!

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